Jakob Bro and Thomas Morgan in action

From Seeing to Playing with a Hero

Born in 1978, Jakob Bro is one of Denmark’s most popular jazz guitarists; in my opinion, he is perhaps the best, and is known for stellar collaborations with artists such as Paul Motian, Lee Konitz, Bill Frisell (Berklee ’77), and George Garzone, to name a few. If you listen to his music, you will hear [...]


Boston Arts Academy Big Band’s Tip for Success

To get an inside view of what kind of preparation it takes to get ready for the Berklee Jazz Festival, we followed the Boston Arts Academy Big Band during the day and interviewed them immediately following their performance.


Darrell Katz, Director of The Jazz Composer’s Alliance Orchestra

Darrell Katz is a Harmony and Arranging Professor at Berklee, a former High School Jazz Festival adjudicator, Director of the Jazz Composer’s Alliance Orchestra and a prolific composer of highly original music. Darrell recently sat down with BerkleeJazz.org’s Tom Weeks.


Richard Guillen of Arlington High School

“Constantly Growing, Constantly Learning…”

Interview with Thomas Bankert, Director, Wakefield High School — 2011 Class 4 Large Ensemble Champ

Interview with C. Brent LaCasce, Director, Fryeburg Academy — 2011 Class 2 Vocal Ensemble Champ

          January 31, 2015