Doug Morris to Receive an Honorary Doctorate at 2015 Berklee Commencement

Doug Morris has had an ideal career in the music business by anyone’s standards; the current CEO of Sony Music has held important positions at nine different record labels, pioneered avenues for the online music market, and has produced and written classic songs and musicals that have enjoyed overwhelming success. Morris is currently No. 7 [...]


Vaudeville: A History (Part 2)

At the turn of the 20th century, the Wright Brothers took their first flight and Henry Ford mass-produced vehicles that enabled people to travel more freely, enabling a sense of movement during the century’s first decade. Along with these economic changes, there were changes in the arts, especially in painting, literature, music, and theater. Vaudeville [...]


Vaudeville: A History (Part 1)

  Vaudeville was the most popular form of American entertainment from the 1880s up until the late 1920s. It influenced almost every form of entertainment for future generations. Music, performance, acting, as well as the entire music industry matured during the Vaudeville days. This kind of entertainment is essential in understanding the development of the [...]


Week 34: At Carnegie Hall – Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane

An almost forgotten recording, At Carnegie Hall – Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane, is a gem of a record. This album, performed on November 28, 1957, at Carnegie Hall in New York City took place after Coltrane left Miles Davis’ group because of certain disagreements with the trumpeter. From there, Coltrane reached out and joined [...]


HSJF Recap: Alissia & the Funketeers

“This female bassist is the future face of funk music.” – The Huffington Post Alissia Beneveniste is quickly joining the ranks of Berklee musicians to go on and do amazing things with her music. Like Grace Kelly, Nick Smith, Betty Who, and others, Alissia — along with her band, The Funketeers — is cultivating a [...]


Jazz in India

Jazz in India has a rich history, and has had a great effect on western jazz and world music. EMERGENCE With African-American jazz artists traveling around the world, jazz began to emerge in India during the late 1920s in cities like Calcutta and Bombay. As Bombay became a metropolis, India’s freedom from British rule became [...]


Remembering Ray Santisi

1933 – 2014 ”As anyone familiar with the Boston scene knows, there are few things finer than hearing Ray take on an acoustic piano. But there are different ways to tackle the challenge, and Ray can make any path work. On June 2nd, Ray decided to put on a clinic. I’m not a piano player [...]


Week 33: Freddie Hubbard’s Open Sesame

  This week’s album – Freddie Hubbard’s debut, Open Sesame – is a must have. Open Sesame, trumpeter Freddie Hubbard’s debut album, was released under Blue Note Records in 1960. The band was comprised of Tina Brooks on tenor saxophone, McCoy Tyner on piano, Clifford Jarvis on drums, and Sam Jones on bass. The record is introduced [...]

Herbie Hancock - Headhunters

Week 32: Herbie Hancock’s Head Hunters

This week, we are looking at Herbie Hancock’s classic record, Head Hunters. Released in 1973 by Sony Music, this record blends a number of styles; jazz, r&b, blues, funk, world music, pop, and a few eastern influences are all brewed together to make this four-track record what it is: fusion. Head Hunters made quite an [...]


Piano Spotlight: Keith Jarrett

  Keith Jarrett is one of few established pianists to bridge the gap between mastering improvised jazz and classical concert performance. Life Keith Jarrett was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on May 8, 1945. Keith was born with absolute pitch — the ability to hear and name/identify a single pitch, or a group of pitches, immediately without [...]

          February 10, 2018