Swang Around the World, Part 3

How do you like the touring life? “I love it! It’s what I want to do; I want to expose young people to jazz music in a different way than done in the past.” Practicing — and how you did it when you didn’t have time? “There was never a time when I went into [...]

Swang Around the World, Part 2

Time at Juilliard “I went to Juilliard from 2008-2012. I spent two years with Carl Allen and two with the master himself, Kenny Washington: the one that everyone goes through, even if it’s only for one lesson. With Carl, it was great spending two years with him because he opened my eyes to things I [...]

Swang Around the World, Part 1

New York City for many years has been the place that some of the greatest jazz musicians explored the genre. As Bryan Carter, a 25-year old drummer from Sycamore, Illinois grew up, his grandmother would force him up in front of the congregation at church to sing; Bryan was also put in front of the [...]

Betty Carter – jazz is about finding out who you are

Betty Carter is known as one of the all-time greatest jazz singers. Her colleague Carmen McRae once said, “There’s really only one jazz singer – only one Betty Carter.” She came from a family where she had to work hard to make every dime; she started working hard early on, a habit that would pay off. She scatted like Dizzy Gillespie, which he noticed when they eventually worked together with Charlie Parker, [...]

photo: Raj Naik

Being True to Yourself

  This year’s Berklee High School Jazz Festival had the pleasure of hosting a clinic with trumpeter Sean Jones, who is also Chair of the Brass Department at Berklee. Aside from recording albums under his own name, he is known for playing with some of the finest living jazz musicians, including Marcus Miller, Nancy Wilson, [...]

          February 10, 2018