The Jazz Hot Spot of the World

New York is the world’s hot spot for jazz. It’s a city full of culture and diversity. You can find many different clubs that offers a variety of jazz for every taste. Nowadays Brooklyn is offering a lot of jazz because Williamsburg is becoming a hip area for young musicians to live in. Some of [...]

Building a Career Beyond Just Playing Your Instrument (part 2)

What was one of the most important lessons you learned from Berklee? “It wasn’t anything music specifically but it was the work ethic. Being here at Berklee and seeing the standard and the quality of the other students calibrated my work ethic and it taught me that there were kids two years younger than me [...]

Building a Career Beyond Just Playing Your Instrument, part 1

In the beginning of October, Berklee held its annual Zildjian Artist in Residence series, this year with the legendary drummer Dennis Chambers. On the last day of Chambers’ visit, an all-star concert was held at the Berklee Performance Center featuring Mike Stern on guitar, Bob Franceschini on tenor saxophone, and Janek Gwizdala on bass. I [...]

          February 10, 2018