The Father of Drum Sticks

“Listening to teachers and young drummers they are obsessed with playing loud and fast and I hear nothing said about sound” – Vic Firth Everett Joseph “Vic” Firth was one of the most respected people in the drum industry. He was close to many of the world’s greatest drummers such as Steve Gadd, Steve Smith, [...]

One of Hugo Rasmussen's albums covers

Where HU GO, I go

If I could describe what life’s essence it would be love and forgiveness. Without love it won’t work and forgiveness we all need overall and in general. First you have to forgive yourself and then everyone else and those you think have molested you and then I plan to keep on playing music just as [...]

The Bluesy Trio

This Oscar Peterson Trio showed the jazz world what the blues was all about. Aside from Peterson, the classic trio, led by Peterson, featured Ray Brown on bass and Ed Thigpen on drums. Before Thigpen joined, the Trio was without drums and instead featured Herb Ellis on guitar. During the beginning of the 1950s, Ellis [...]

          February 10, 2018