Trappist monks at the Abbey of Gethsemani in New Haven, KY, prepare to chant the Divine Office.

The Beauty of Monophony

To our modern ears, melody, rhythm, and harmony are considered the cornerstones upon which all music, especially jazz, is built. While it is certainly true that jazz was born as a child of traditional European harmony and African rhythms, it is worth considering that the European conception of harmony was derived – over many hundreds [...]

Tomasz Stanko

Jazz Across the Pond: Tomasz Stańko

Despite its status as an American-born art form, the influence of jazz has spread throughout the world, and is especially popular in Europe. There are a number of fantastic artists from around the world who often do not get the attention that they deserve here in the United States. Among these artists is Polish trumpeter [...]

2 Honoree Jimmy Page celebrates with Berklee students at Berklee's 2014 commencement concert.Photo by Kelly Davidson

Berklee College of Music 2014 Commencement Concert Recap

Year after year, Berklee brings the biggest and brightest names in the music industry to its Commencement Concert and Ceremony to receive honorary doctorates, to perform, and to be honored by student performances and tributes to their musical legacy. On May 9th, 2014, nothing was different; hundreds packed into Boston University’s Agganis Arena for Berklee [...]

          February 10, 2018